Day long rail trip along Italian East Coast – Venice to Bari

This was one of the first 2 month trips we planned ourselves and in hindsight we may have changed our itinerary so there wasn’t as much back tracking by train around Italy; this was the last leg of a month of driving + many shorter train journeys around Italy starting from Rome.  In future weeks, we’ll post a few photos from those 3 weeks.  However, it did turn out to be a very relaxing rail trip from Northern-Southern Italy as the v comfortable train runs along the coastline.  Not too many photos but lots of pretty looking beaches (mostly white pebbly variety – see photo of Croatian beach which is v similar to Italian East Coast) with sun chairs to hire, casual little bars and holiday houses of varying sizes and styles from traditional villas to modern architecture.

We stayed overnight in Bari – a seaside port…the Pope had been in town so finding a hotel was difficult!  We ended up in the suburbs a bit which was very interesting and different to other stays in more centrally located places.  We didn’t stay long enough to comment on Bari too much only that there was v limited English and it would have been wiser for us to spend the day trip on the train brushing up on our Italian!  We needed to combine sign language with our super basic Italian but generally speaking, all the locals were friendly and helpful and we managed fine with dinner at a nearby restaurant (opened at 10 pm! But they did us a favour by seating us at 9.30!).  Tony even got his haircut before dinner at a local barber & he said the staff were fascinated to know about our travels & they came to conclusion that Italians & Australians have a similar sense of humour.  Lots of laughs and good memories before we departed for Croatia.

Overnight on a very comfortable ferry trip (see photo) to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Sailing into the harbour at 7 am surrounded by the ancient Roman wall, was a spectacular sight to behold (see photo).  We loved both Italy and Croatia and we returned to both countries (again some rail/road trips) a few years later (see Sorrento/Pompeii post).