Remember to greet others with Dober dan! (Good day!) as a Slovenian may say!  Lonely Planet for Kids (more below)

The pastry was light and crisp + a thin layer of cream on the custard base…naughty but nice!  In Australia we have something similar called The Vanilla Slice…perhaps it originated from Slovenia??…as Slovenians have an ancient culture which I learned about at a history museum in a castle near Lake Bled.  It’s only a very small museum but it inspired us to learn more about the origins of the Slavic language and the history of battles for power and Slovene territory.

ASPARAGUS – if you’re not a fan of it you probably will be after visiting Slovenia…so fresh and beautiful!

We tried all (maybe most!) of the different types of asparagus…various sizes and colours (we saw purple, green & yellow) often served with a few sauces – a common one was a creamy, slightly spicy sauce & another was a herb sauce.

Making their traditional vegetable cake…Zelenjavna Pogaca (see below).  It was delicious!…super fresh ingredients.  A bit like a pizza.  You can add sour cream according to taste.

DUMPLINGS…Idrija Zlikrofi

Traditional Slovenian dumplings are delicious too.  They’re usually quite small and stuffed with potato, bacon and onions.  Quite a delicacy!  See photo above from Lonely Planet for Kids.

Other Interesting things about Slovenia and the Slovenians:

Traditional Folk Festival called “Kurentovanje” – the largest traditional festival in which people of the city of Ptuj dress up in large sheepskin costumes, known as kurants, and ring loud bells to scare off winter and evil spirits.

Slovenia’s Famous  Postojna Cave

There are 2 ways of seeing the caves – one way involves a lot of climbing up and down steep ladders;  another “is on a small train that takes visitors deep into a subterranean world of stalagmites and stalactites.  The cave is famous for a stalagmite (a pin-shaped rock rising up from the floor) named Brilliant.  Brilliant!! ”  Lonely Planet for Kids 2016