About my absence before I continue with the South Italy good times…
It’s been a while since I’ve posted here as life has been difficult over recent weeks with my bionic spine giving me some grief again and needing to see my specialist in Sydney.  We took the train up from Canberra and we stayed a few days;   so between scans and medical appointments, we explored parts of Sydney that we hadn’t visited for a while, mostly the historic “Rocks” (a future post to come).  Fortunately, I can still walk a few Kms each morning (at this stage!) – but, of course, I’d like to be able to last a whole day without back pain, so that’s why I’m back to having recent issues investigated.  Oh well, as we all know, there are worse things!…so back to lifting my spirits with photography and travel writing!

A day in South Italy to remember/recommend!…

Our day trip from Positano, where we stayed for 5 nights (see last post), was one of our best days ever – as you can see the weather was glorious.  It started off cool as we left Positano, so that’s why you can see me holding layers in the feature photo at the hilltop town of Ravello.  Usually Tony takes a small backpack but we must have forgotten that day.
Our 1st stop, while waiting for the ferry from Positano to Amalfi town, was a coffee at the Positano port.  It’s just a small port – see photos in last post if interested.  However, the next few photos give another view of Positano as the ferry left the port.



Town of Amalfi – as can be seen from the photo below it’s very popular with tourists.  It was only a half hour on the ferry and a lovely way to get there as the views from the ferry are beautiful (we returned to Positano by bus and regretted it…more later on that).

In Amalfi we walked up the steps of the Cathedral to look inside…I’ll check our journal tonight and note the name of it.  There are also markets in Amalfi (v touristy) and we didn’t find anything that appealed to us although we had the rest of the day ahead of us (a lot of uphill walking) so we didn’t really look around too much.  There were a few nice little cafes a few streets back from the Amalfi port so we stopped for a relaxing morning tea before working out the best way to make our way to the hilltop town of Ravello.  We hadn’t discovered the Rome2Rio app at that stage of our travelling lives!…we really don’t get a commission for mentioning it!

There’s a magical feel about the Amalfi Coast, especially on a mostly sunny day – whether in Positano or Amalfi, these atmospheric views seemed to be around almost every corner;  with the mountain backdrop softened by billowing clouds as can be seen in the next photo…

Over morning tea we worked out that we needed to take a bus to get up to the small town of Ravello.  According to Rome2Rio it’s 30 min by bus;  9 min by taxi;  40 min to walk – uphill!  We decided on the bus which was very straightforward – the tourist information centre in Amalfi was helpful as we didn’t have access to Net at that time.

The bus from Amalfi town dropped us off near the centre of Ravello and we then walked further uphill to the famous Ravello gardens (view from Villa Cimbrone Gardens – along the coastline can be seen in the feature photo).  There is a narrow road so I presume you can drive or get a taxi up as well…the gardens are attached to a private hotel/car park.

I took the above photo on the walk up.  I love this photo…particularly the texture of the tree trunk in contrast to the softness of the flowers and clouds but also the perspective, and how the tree framed the view as we walked up the hill to the Cimbrone gardens in Ravello.

Views from Villa Cimbrone Gardens…

On our walk from the centre of Ravello to the hilltop gardens, the beauty at each turn was breathtaking.  The entrance to the gardens can be seen in the photo below – the wisteria and filtered light was stunning and the weather was perfect…not too hot for an exhilarating walk.

View from garden toward the Villa Cimbrone (a small hotel).

Another view from the covered space at the Cimbrone gardens.

After the garden visit we walked back down the hill to the centre of Ravello (photo below).  It’s a very small town but it’s well known for it’s regional cuisine – which we learned more about when I recently bought Lonely Planet’s “Italy – From the Source” (I’ll note the restaurant they recommend tonight).  We just wanted a light lunch as we had made a reservation for a special dinner that night in Positano.  A photo from our lunch that day is below.

Once back in Amalfi we decided not to return as we had arrived (by ferry) – that was a mistake as the short bus trip ended up taking about 1.5 hours as the traffic was stopped “for filming” so we sat in a crowded bus for ages.  It wasn’t that bad as I “did a Merv” (as Tony calls it when I strike up a chat with strangers…Mervyn was our Dad and liked a chat with anyone!) and I had an interesting conversation with a young woman from NZ who was working as a nanny in England.  Her wedding was the next week in a small Italian town, not far from Amalfi, and her employer + their family from England (“like family” after working with them for many years) were all going.

We still made it back to Positano in time for a lovely dinner.  See photo below of Positano at night…view from the shared balcony of our B&B where we had a drink before walking to dinner (more photos of this B&B/small hotel in last post – we loved it too!).  Positano is also small and easy to walk around if you don’t mind a few steep hills, otherwise the taxi services are very good we heard.

Day trip to Capri – we had a day trip to the island of Capri from Sorrento (see Sorrento post if interested) but the other way to get there is from Positano as we saw from the signs (photo below) at the Positano port…

I’ll note below one of our favourite regional food inspirations/recipes tomorrow.

Next destination on this Italian holiday was Sicily (a future post)…we had a week there (mostly in Taormina).  From Positano we hired a driver to return us to Naples airport (a 1ish hour drive), where we took a flight to Palermo, Sicily (approx 3.5 hour flight). After a short stay there, we also hired a driver to take us from Palermo to Taormina (approx 3 hr drive).