Thurs 29 June 2017…We’ve now been in Africa for a month and it’s been one of our most memorable trips!  I’ve only started to blog again as the wi-fi in some parts hasn’t been great (good here in Mauritius…a post for another day) plus the pace, while not too hectic, has been steady and sometimes tiring.  I came down with a bad cold a few weeks ago which also left me exhausted at the end of the day although fortunately I was ok in the middle of most days.  So my apologies to the teachers/children who might have been looking for animal photos that I had promised!!

Where to start?…

It’s hard knowing where to start when blogging about a month in Africa – seeing wild animals so close that you could almost reach out and touch them was definitely a huge highlight!  Choosing between so many animal photos will take time which we don’t have this morning as we’re going on a day tour to South of Mauritius.  So I’ll quickly post some photos from last week before we head down to breakfast today.

Photos don’t do magnificent falls like this justice as when there, the senses come alive with the loud roar/cool water spray/fresh air etc… along many parts of the trail.  I should have taken some video but later I’ll look on Net for a ref worth looking up if children or adults are interested.

Sunset river cruise on the Zambezi River…so relaxing; many hippo and crocodile sightings; food/drinks; good company – a lovely couple from Seattle. This cruise is highly recommended…we pre-booked in Australia to be sure we had the opportunity to do this. Quite a lot of food so that night we had a light meal at a casual restaurant next to our hotel.


8/7/17…life has been busy since we returned home from Mauritius to Sydney on Monday (Joburg – Sydney leg was approx 11 hours) – with family, medical appointments, jet lag, etc.  So I’ll continue our travels to Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 in a new post…one that might appeal to children with a map and a few animal photos.