We arrived on a flight from Cape Town where we stayed for 5 nights (a post for another day soon). Quite an easy half day of travelling which I’ve detailed below.

As it was our first time in Africa, we did quite a bit of research before departing Australia, especially on this part of our month in Africa. We were extremely pleased by the way things worked out as the experience was even better than we expected. Months before leaving home, my long term back problems (since 12) reoccurred and I was unsure whether to accompany my husband on this trip. However, things improved a little so I decided to go and, if necessary, stay at the lodge while he went out on early morning/early evening safaris. He went out the first evening while I stayed behind and he returned exhilarated with the good news that because of the sands at “Sabi Sand” and the excellent suspension on the Landcruisers, it wouldn’t be too hard on my back. They even give you hot water bottles on the early morning safari…very cosy! I was even asked if I’d like an extra one for my bad back.

Darren, the driver/guide, was outstanding…I sat at the front and asked many questions and he demonstrated an impressive knowledge and understanding on a range of topics. He is also very thoughtful and considerate – stopping for a sundowner was like having a drink with a good friend. Nelson, our tracker, was also excellent…very pleasant and highly skilled. Each vehicle has a tracker who sits at the front and a driver/guide. There are rules about how many vehicles can go to each animal sighting (usually 2 except for Rhino) and Inyati is also involved in Rhino Conservation programs. We saw a huge range of animals and with our love of photography, were able to capture some beautiful photos. I’m about to head from the apartment we’re renting in Sydney to the hospital where I’m having spinal surgery tomorrow:(…I’ll post more photos if I get a chance today; otherwise once I’m feeling back in the land of the living again😉

Other highlights:

The rooms are lovely – ours had a river outlook. The food is plentiful and delicious – unlike some bad reports we heard/read about similar parks in the region.

Getting there:

From the airport we had a driver pick us up. Some people hire a car and drive themselves but once there we had no need for a car so the pick up was convenient and not too expensive.

Bellies full and content…but no dignity😉 Darren, our guide, said the pride had success in hunting the night before.