Breakfast at Castleview B&B…fresh, local produce

I’ll BOLD PRINT again for those with just a few minutes to skim/see words/pics:)

My last post was from Stockholm a few weeks ago. Our trip has been fabulous but so busy (in a fun way!) that I haven’t had any spare time to write about our travels. Even today (our last day in Genoa, Italy!) was v active until late afternoon…so with dinner booked tonight at 7.30, I’ll squeeze in 10 min for a postcard sized blogpost.

Impressions of Inverness:

When we read forum posts about Inverness the opinions varied a lot. We very much enjoyed our 2 nights at Castleview Bed and Breakfast. As can be seen from the photo above, the breakfast room is so appealing and even better was the warm and friendly reception from the host.

Getting there:

After Stockholm, we travelled through Norway with our last 4 nights there in Bergen (a post for another day). From Bergen we took the short flight to Aberdeen – the short distance amazed me (about 1 hour in the air )and made us realise why the Vikings invaded all those years ago!…see image above. Here’s a photo of flying into Aberdeen:

A patchwork of colour on flight into Aberdeen, Scotland

We stayed 1 night at the Aberdeen Crown Plaza airport of the better airport hotels we’ve experienced. The next day we hired a car for the start of our 2 week drive around Nth Scotland and Outer Hebrides (post for another day).

We picked up our hire car the next day and headed to Buckie for a look around/lunch. The reason for the look around was because my grandfather immigrated from Buckie to Sydney after WWI with my grandmother (who I think was born closer to Aberdeen…must check family history to confirm that).

Here’s a photo of the house my grandparents bought now long after they arrived in the working class suburb of Balmain (it’s no longer…v upmarket as can be seen from the 2nd photo from ferry!). How we wish that house was still in the family but my mother had 9 siblings so house was sold in early 70s:(

House is on the left…views to Sydney Harbour Bridge & now new Barangaroo precinct

Buckie wasn’t as remote/bleak as I expected! We had lunch in a pleasant little cafe…I had Cullen Skink (a smoked fish & potato soup)…I’ll find the recipe and note it below later.

With only 2 nights in Inverness we only had 1 full day to look around so we decided to visit Loch Ness…a walk around there (keeping an eye out for the monster…photo below); followed by a lovely morning tea with homemade baking and then a visit/tour around the atmospheric Urquhart Castle:

We did spot the Loch Ness Monster!…one children might like?
Stopped for morning tea a few miles from Inverness on way to Loch Ness
Our stop for morning tea…nice view; we hired the Mercedes which we also enjoyed!
On this visit to Scotland saw more colour on the buildings compared to our 05 visit…loved that!

After morning tea at the little village (photos above), we enjoyed an engaging tour around Urquhart Castle…

Mostly beautiful weather although changeable…even a light sun shower

Looks idyllic but Mark said “a bloodbath in various times in history”

Our guide at the castle was Mark…a very entertaining tour
The 30 min tour briefly described the history of the castle…key events

Guides choose their own tartan/kilt or otherwise…Mark just wore a tartan vest

Eating out in Inverness:

We can recommend two restaurants in Inverness…the Fig & Thistle (a 10 min walk from Castleview B&B) and Rocpool (right next door to the B&B). We particularly loved the Sea Bass with Scallops dish at Fig & Thistle…the sauce is made with a homemade seafood broth. The B&B owner also recommended a “great local pub” (a 20 min walk from B&B) but we were so tired after our day, so popping in to Rocpool next door was a bit lazy but more appealing! We hear that the pub mentioned has won UK awards…similar to our “Good Food Guide” awards in Australia I suppose?

Tony and I plan on making a similar seafood dish when we return home…we’ll then note the recipe here…Sea Bass with Scallops (note to self!)

So a few lovely days travelling from Buckie to Inverness and surrounds in early September!

Will finish up for now as it’s time for a 🍷 in Genoa, Italy as the sun goes down! Taking the short train trip to Rapallo tomorrow. Cheers!

PS…Note to Self…Recipes to Add:

Cullen Skink Soup (traditional Scottish soup of region); Sea Bass with Scallops in Homemade Broth…I’ll get Tony onto that 1 as sounds more time consuming……..😉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😋

Oops…forgot a few pics from small city of Inverness (we had a walk around in an hour or so) + another 30 min walk along the pretty river:

Tartan shops everywhere!…not in B&B…a v glam look there🤩

The walk beside the river near our B&B was more leafy…will post pic later