Over the last decade++ we have been planning our own 1-2 month adventures to various parts of the world.   By travelling independently whenever possible, we have been able to vacation longer and/or more often by avoiding the high costs sometimes associated with highly organised, large group tours.  

Our travels in many places have involved train travel eg. Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, China (wherever the train systems are fast and efficient) sometimes combined with road trips – our latest being the Garden Route in South Africa (my next post). 
In places we’re not so familiar with, we often seek guidance from locals, including respected travel agents, to gain information on road/rail travel in their country – we did that before our past travels in South America and our current travels in South Africa. We’ve met up with old friends and new – with those who have similar interests in lifelong learning about different places, people and cultures.  
Connecting with teachers/schools…
Over the coming months, I’ll develop – “For Kids” – photos and text that could help children learn more about our world.  After a 25+ year teaching career, I now volunteer regularly in schools, so we can also bring our long working/travelling experience to our blog – Tony is more skilled with the directions & detail!  
The teachers where I now volunteer (between our travels) have also indicated an interest in having children follow our journeys via photos and a world map/globe. We also return home in the school holidays to look after our grandchildren and they always love our focus on food and involving them in some simple cooking – often inspired by our travels. So in the future I’ll post more multicultural food related posts on the kids’ page – information that will be helpful to us and perhaps other parents, teachers, travellers and cooks who enjoy expanding their food/recipe repertoire like we do!

We’ll also post world/travel information that might be helpful to a range of people including our own friends and family and also other families with young children to older teens;  from parents travelling with children to grey nomads;  as well as teachers/travel guides planning group excursions or their own vacations.  We want to see independent travel (sometimes with a local guide or similar so we support local communities and small businesses) become more accessible/affordable for others too.