Here are some photos of our wonderful 5 nights in Krakow…travelled here by train (fabulous!) from Warsaw – a very pleasant & picturesque journey. One of the highlights was the great B&B (a short walk from beautiful Old Town) – more like a small hotel…2 pictures – 1 of breakfast area (also a bar at night).  The owners suggested both traditional Polish restaurants and also a wonderful modern Italian…with a slightly Polish influence on the food.

On other visits to Germany, I’ve often felt very unsure about visiting Nazi concentration camps but after discussing Polish history with the B&B owner we decided to go to Auschwitz.  The horrific scale and organisation, not possible to be captured in photos or even on film, is what hit us.  As can be seen from 1 photo, there were many groups of Jewish young people being guided through as well.  Our guide was very sensitive and knowledgeable plus answered any questions to the best of his ability.  There is also a memorial to Holocaust victims – a place to silently question, honour, hope & after our visits/reflections…demand (even in our own small & personal ways) that discriminations & cruelties never be tolerated again – like they were during WWII.  Considering the state of the world in 2016, it’s hard to be optimistic but the ever increasing voices of those believing in Human Rights gives us hope.