Photo above: Caramelised walnut sweets…so good with coffee – at Warsaw Uprising Museum (off the bookshop).  It’s a great museum too that tells the very heroic story of the Polish Resistance’s last attempt at the end of WWII (Aug 1944) to overthrow the Nazi German Regime.  Tragically, the death toll was huge – Hitler and Himmler retaliated by destroying the city and the German military (and later notorious Russian mercenaries) killed a very large proportion of Warsaw’s citizens and inhabitants.  Ref….Warsaw Destroyed and Rebuilt (purchased from the museum bookshop).

The reconstruction/restoration of beautiful Warsaw is a must see for anyone who enjoys travel, history, building, architecture….Warsaw’s Old Town is a special place of music and celebration as can be seen here.  We stayed at one of the only stately buildings left partly intact after WWII (used as Nazi headquarters), Polonia Palace Hotel – lovingly restored with warm and friendly staff (many who can speak English) including a lovely bar/restaurant…try the delicious dumplings!  All at comparatively affordable prices…reminds us of prices in Dubrovnik a decade+ ago before the tourist crowds arrived.  So our tip would be – put it on “too see” list sooner rather than later.  Short flights (2+ hours) from many European cities – we flew from Dubai to Warsaw.  Poland (Warsaw-Kraków-Wroclaw via rail…over approx 2 weeks) was the 1st leg of our 2 month stay in Europe.

Old Town Warsaw – we had a beautiful morning tea with a friend’s niece

There are many excellent museums not far from the Old Town which tell the story of Poland.  The photo of the book is from the Warsaw Uprising Museum Cafe…a pleasant visit here before spending 2+ hours (on average for a general overview).  Tip – don’t miss Museum Theature – a 3D “fly over” Warsaw at end of WWII…amazing technology that gives a greater awareness of the magnitude of devastation in 1945.