If you are interested, the Barcelona post can be found here….. ¬†Barcelona, Spain for Kids

Getting there ūüá™ūüáł :
From other countries in Europe, such as France and Portugal (see map above), it can be just a short train or car journey because they share a common border with Spain. ¬†However, if you’re travelling longer distances, many people choose to arrive by aeroplane. ¬†Spain’s major cities have international airports. ¬†On our first trip to Spain (2011) we arrived in Madrid (the Capital of Spain – see map) by plane from England. ¬†It was a 2 hour flight (approximately).

On our last visit to Spain (Oct 2016) we travelled into Spain from France (see map above) Рa 3 hour train journey.  At the French/Spanish border we needed to change trains Рwe boarded a local train service which took us to our final destination for the day РSans Sebastian Рa small and very popular Spanish city.

From Lonely Planet Kids (2016)…

Try practising these Spanish greetings with your friends & family:

English                             Spanish

Good morning.              Buenos Dias

Good afternoon.            Buenas tardes

Good evening.                Buenas noches

Hello, my name is. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Hola, me Llamo…..

Listen to the spoken words (pronunciation) on the Net – to help keep them in your memory try to regularly practise saying the new words.

Top things to see in Spain:
Can you find the locations on the maps above?

  • The Alhambra – exquisite Islamic architecture (photo to come)
  • Cordoba Mezquita – “perfection rendered in stone”
  • Gaudi’s Barcelona – “the astonishing architectural legacy that came to define a city”
  • Madrid’s “golden mile of Art – 3 of the world’s best Art galleries”
  • Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral – “Spain’s most sacred corner and a flight of architectural extravagance”

Trademarks of Spain”

Flamenco dancing; ¬†bullfighting (bans & petitions have occurred in recent years); ¬†football; ¬†fiestas; ¬†the Artists – Picasso, Dali and Goya; ¬†summer invasions of vacationing Northern Europeans on the Costa del Sol; ¬† Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route; ¬†food!…paella, tapas, Pintxos (in the Basque Region).

From Lonely Planet Spain 2016

A few of our favourite photos from Spain:

The Alhambra – Granada (photo above and below)…can you find Granada on a map here?

Exquisite Islamic architecture – was a Grand Mosque many hundreds of years ago, now a Roman Catholic Church – the history is very interesting to learn about!

Photo below of Alhambra was taken from the beautiful gardens surrounding it.  Early mornings and late afternoons provide the best light when taking outdoor photographs.

From Granada we travelled onto Cordoba...can you find the route on the map above?  It takes about 2.5 hours by car, bus or train.  For a detailed map and more information on the route go to the free App Rome to Rio.


Do you love tapas?…little Spanish snacks such as bread rounds with cheese and olives (in future posts I’ll list some easy recipe for kids). ¬†Here are a couple of our favourites (photos below). ¬†Some younger children also like very simple ones like cheese and tomato or others that taste a little like little pizzas! ¬†In the photo below you can see a popular tapas – scrambled eggs on toast with asparagus. ¬†In our family we all love asparagus, even our youngest (6 years old).

In Spain, asparagus is often served in a variety of ways but with eggs, like in this photo, makes a delicious breakfast or lunch!  I love this photo Рso artistic and pretty!

These photos come from our book “A Passion for Tapas” (Parragon Books). ¬†The photo below is of Empanadillas with ham and cheese. ¬†This one has capers added but our 6 year old doesn’t like capers (a small green pickle) so we leave that out when cooking for her. ¬†She loves to help us make these too. ¬†These are the main ingredients:

1 small onion;  1 garlic clove;  150 Gm soft cheese;  175 Gm ham;  1/2 teaspoon sweet smoked Spanish paprika;  500 Gm puff pastry;  50 Gm capers (optional).

If you’d like the recipe, either look up the Net or ask Mum or Dad to send me a messageūüėä

Here’s another pretty and artistic tapas photo below – “Eggs and Cheese”:

Ingredients: ¬†6 hard boiled eggs; ¬†3 tablespoons grated Cheddar cheese (or even better Manchego cheese); ¬†1-2 tablespoons mayonnaise; ¬†fresh chives; ¬†1 fresh red chilli (the long ones aren’t as spicy); ¬†salt & pepper; ¬†lettuce leaves to serve.

Note to parents:  if your child has simple tastes (many do!) try starting with eggs, grated cheese & lettuce Рgradually introducing more spice etc. as they become more adventurous with their eating.  I know some children are allergic to egg so simple tortillas might be a good alternate made with an egg substitute to bind?

Photo below: ¬†Oven baked Tortilla (with potato; ¬†red & green peppers; ¬†spring onions…recipe on request) or for more authentic tastes try the traditional Spanish Tortilla (2nd photo below).

* For Kids (ideas from Traveller.com)
* Kids & Family Walking Tour – interactive and fun walking tour of the Gothic Quarter for families with children

* Museum of Natural History – in the Forum – Museu Blau

* Can Framis Museum – Catalan Modern Art with activities for kids and guided visits.

* CosmoCaixa: Museum of Science – Amazing museum for kids from 4-5 onwards. Adults will really enjoy it also.

* Tibidabo Amusement Park – Located on the Tibidabo hill overlooking the entire city of Barcelona, this is an amusement park focused on kids with priceless views.

Of course, most children would also love the many playgrounds along the Barcelona beachfront – the hop on/hop off bus could get you there/back??…if anything like the little ones in our family, bus trips are a novelty too…especially big colourful ones like the tourist buses. ¬†Just check recent reviews as we’ve found the time tabling & traffic congestion in some cities can be time wasting + frustrating.