Photos below:  Paris in Springtime – May 2013.  As you can see the weather in May ’13 was very warm (sometimes hot) and so different to the weather we experienced in May 2005 (see last post).  The first photo is not far from our hotel in Montmartre.  We loved staying in Montmartre – lots of cafes, bistros, history, beautifully restored buildings etc.  Closer to the railway station (still in Montmartre) there are the usual fast food places – you could be in any big city suburb in the world so it’s suggested if staying in the district to check out what part of Montmartre appeals to you.  I presume that some of the hotels near the railway station might be a lot cheaper and the excellent Metro makes it easy to get to anywhere around Paris.    

Side note...

Thursday 18/5… I’ll help Tony prepare dinner so I’ll be back in a couple of hours….Friday 19/5…Bonjour!  Well getting back to this last night was wishful thinking as exhaustion took hold after dinner.  I remember that happening when we were both working but now it’s more to do with getting older + my annoying spine which has been bothering me on & off (more on in recent years!) since 13 years of age.  Anyway, more spinal surgery in late July/Aug should keep me walking/travelling for another decade or so we hope!  I’ll just add a few more photos this morning as it’s a busy day coming up but I’ll try to write more tomorrow. 

Photo below:  So romantic!…with the couple in the foreground and the evening glow on the buildings.  It was a very warm evening with people up and down the Seine.

Photos below:  grey skies again (Tony looking younger😉) so these pics are from 2005…  

Photo below was copied from Net “images of Paris” – next time we’re in Paris I would like to find this spot – so beautiful!  The other photo with me in it (with eyes closed!) shows another pretty set of stairs that we climbed in Montmartre – good idea to work on fitness before visiting Montmartre as it’s very hilly in parts.  Fortunately my recent back problems haven’t stopped me from walking (for now) so after spending another sunny Canberra day in our courtyard, I’ll be off to do some serious walking in readiness for our Sth African trip in June. 

Photo below:  Montmartre in Spring – May 2013

Photo below:  From Luke’s book “France” P92 – Crispy Skin Chicken with Master Stock;  Poulet Croustillant au Fond

The simple salad with chicken is what appeals to us most in this one.  We often do our own version of crispy chicken although for health reasons we don’t often eat the skin.  The master stock sounds good & we do make & freeze our own occasionally but more often we take a short cut and buy what looks like the best quality stock in the supermarket – we definitely took more short cuts when we were both working full-time.  We love the French/Vietnamese influence here…  

Next photo/list of ingredients Chicken Roulades with Vietnamese Mint P102 (France)…we have Vietnamese mint thriving in a pot – it needs protection from frost/winds…although it’s been a mild autumn in Canberra I didn’t want to take any chances by leaving it in the open over night.  

Luke’s France cookbook is still half price ($30) at Paperchain bookshop Manuka (Canberra) – I was tempted to buy another copy for when we go to the coast as we love it so much. (I don’t get any royalties for promoting it😉).