Anyone who loves Asian food will delight in visiting various parts of Bali. We’ve been there many times – including a side trip to Lombok on one occasion. Today I’ll post a selection of photos from various trips over the decades.

Unfortunately, on our trip to Bali and Lombok in 2002 the camera was damaged so we lost most of our photos. It was a shame as our younger son was 16 and it was the last family trip we did together. Perhaps we’ll do another in the future when they’re not so busy with their careers etc…Bali is quite an affordable place to visit – well it can be if you do your research beforehand.

Smudge Eats in their book “Flavours of Bali” (a huge book available in ACT libraries) sum up the food culture in Bali perfectly…

“Exotic ingredients, stunning aromatics and addictive spices will make you fall in love with the islands’s cuisine. From family run warungs through to 5 star resorts, the Balinese people’s passion and pride in their cooking is always on show.”

Over the years we’ve often attended cooking classes in Bali and/or eaten out in a variety of different settings so I’ll choose photos which reflect that theme. Before I focus on food I’ll reminisce on one of our family trips to Bali in 1998 – photo below with our 2 sons who are now in early 30s & married…the years fly by so quickly! On that holiday we particularly enjoyed dining at the beach along Jimbaran Bay while watching the sunset. The fish market there is worth a visit in itself.

There are lots of family run, casual diners and restaurants to stop at for lunch. The one below had stunning views of the hills and rice terraces:

One of our favourite cooking classes was Casa Luna in Ubud in 2012 (photos below):

We purchased Janet’s cookbook…”Bali – Food of my Island Home“…see a couple of our fave recipes in next post. Janet and her colleagues gave short explanations and demonstrations and then we were taken to individual work spaces where we prepared a dish – usually with a partner so we could help each other. It was all easy to follow and we had lots of fun. Janet is on the left of the photo below. She’s an Australian who married an Indonesian man and has lived in Bali for decades.

After all the cooking we sat down for a beautiful dinner with people from all over the world – quite a few Australians as Bali is only 9 hours from Sydney; 6.5 hours from Perth, Western Australia.

Janet is interviewed for the book Flavours of Bali – 85 restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels with their signature recipes with interesting responses:

Favourite Balinese Ingredient:

“It’s hard not to be crazy about turmeric. It’s a powerhouse of endless healing properties and it turns every curry into a glorious twilight gold as well as adding that distinctive flavour.”

Favourite regions of Bali:

Denpasar. “I consider it Bali’s best kept secret. If offers the most exciting local eating experiences, from street food serving martabak to simple warungs where they dish up the most glorious sweet and savoury porridge’s to more established eating houses serving nasi campur or grilled fish with samba.”

Other chefs are interviewed on their favourite regions of Bali – Ubud is mentioned a lot. Ubud is so charming for it’s restaurants, art, music, architecture and dance. We loved the hotel where we stayed – Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas (photo below). When we went there in 2012 it was only a short drive from Denpasar international airport to Ubud – approx 20 – 30 min; however, we had friend who recently travelled there by taxi and it took almost an hour due to heavy traffic.

Where we stayed in 2012 – Warwick Ibah Hotel/Villas Ubah – we loved it there and hope to return!

Back to the Casa Luna Cooking school…

Photo above: Breakfast at the Warwick hotel garden in Ubud…the garden here was a highlight – just stunning as can be seen from all the photos above and below…

Looking from steps (there are beautifully designed steps & small bridges throughout the property) onto our deck which was set up with comfortable tables, chairs & small lounges…

Photo below: loved taking photos here…this one is similar to above photo but taken in the opposite direction – from our deck. The filtered light gave the surrounding rainforest and hotel gardens a wonderful, mystical feel. The climate is tropical of course so the leafy setting and occasional afternoon shower, while we were there, added to the appeal of this hotel. Last photo really picked up the beauty of the filtered light.

Balinese recipes in next blog post…