This wonderful tram service has only recently re-opened!  We want to return even though we were only in Santa Teresa, Rio for a week last year.  We stayed at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast “Casa Beleza” and heard stories of the tram which had been operating for 134 years, connecting Santa Teresa (a fabulous Arty/historic district on the hill in Rio) with the city – until a terrible accident in 2011 killed 5 people and injured more + closed the service until this year.

Another highlight of our week in Rio was a Food tour called “Eat Rio Food Tours” run by a delightful young man, Tom, who reminded us of Jamie Oliver!   Tom is married to a Brazilian woman and has combined his passion for history and food with her insights from being born and raised there.  We were joined on this tour by 2 other couples + 2 travelling solo – different ages/ parts of the world and a lovely late lunch together lingered into the evening.  Another memorable day!

Other highlights were the usual major tourist sites such as Christo Redentor…you take the cable car up to the top of the mountain (more photos to post later).  Be prepared for crowds but it is all managed quite well and felt safe – if you take care with belongings of course!   We packed our own water, fruit & snacks as the prices at the cafe & restaurant were high & we’ve found that the quality of food is often disappointing in these very touristy places.  Plan at least a couple of hours to travel up/down, walk around (slowly!…we were there off peak but still crowded) and take in the magnificent views + try to get a few photos – tricky with so many using selfie/selfish? Sticks!  We were happy to return to our small B&B, Casa Beleza, and have the pool and tropical garden to ourselves…cafes and restaurants are within walking distant from here too.  The owners & staff are so friendly and helpful – they really helped to make our week in Rio very special!