We traveled through Switzerland by train over a few weeks – it was all wonderful (more posts coming).  A particularly fabulous day trip from Zermatt to Matterhorn (see photos).  There are lots of different station stops with hiking trails of varying difficulty from easy to difficult – most people, whether extremely fit or physically challenged, use walking poles – a good idea!  We brought some quality ones (from home) for me as I had major spinal surgery the year before;  Tony bought a set in Zermatt which weren’t costly – still using those many years later too.  Tony enjoyed the more challenging trails…there’s a cafe where you can sit and have a coffee or food so I did that until he returned.  It was pleasant talking with other travelers of all ages.  We walked around many of the easier trails together – it was an exhilarating time – only a year before (prior to spinal surgery) I wondered if I would ever be walking again.  The weather was stunning all day too.  It was fantastic to be on top of the world in more ways than one!  We returned to Zermatt in the afternoon and enjoyed dinner at a  cosy restaurant not far from our small hotel.  We stayed in Zermatt for 3 nights (a lovely hotel with views & a balcony) and then continued our fabulous rail journey through Switzerland – our next stop was Lucerne (3 nights).  Train travel in this part of the world is highly recommended – modern, fast, very comfortable, easy to use (plenty of English), friendly and efficient staff…we hope to return to Switzerland – perhaps a region we didn’t get to on this occasion.  We would like to return with family in hope that they might continue travels/blog in 20+ years!