Great day trip on train from Kyoto

We were staying at a hotel near the railway station in Kyoto so it was very easy to take the train to Nara for the day. So glad we did as it was such an enjoyable day. Once off the train we took the bus to the deer park…easy to miss the bus stop so might be worth asking at tourist information.  The bus was worth taking as very comfortable, efficient and cheap. Nara deer park and surrounds is a very touristy place with lots of Japanese school groups as well; being a retired teacher I found that interesting as well, seeing the traditional uniforms teamed with colourful shoes & backpacks.

We had lunch at a small, traditional restaurant (many of these in nearby streets – we can’t remember the name but it was on the main road/pedestrian crossing right near the entrance to the park (see photo).  Traditional food sets (photos on menu) & food was delicious and reasonably priced. We also went to a traditional Japanese garden (quite inexpensive for “foreign tourists”), as well as a beautiful wisteria/bonsai display – stunning.

The return train trip to Nara from Kyoto was excellent and it was very interesting to see Japanese housing, lifestyle and landscapes along the way. Even though you’ll find lots of tourists and cheap souvenir shops in Nara, you’ll also find beauty and tradition that has been well preserved. The historic buildings are huge and a sight to behold. So, we would highly recommend either a day trip by train from Kyoto or staying in Nara if you have more time available.